White/Gray Hair Help, I’m Only 16

ificutmyhairirelandwillsink asked:

Yesterday I was looking in the mirror and I found a white hair. I kind of freaked out.

I looked and found a second one and thats it. I checked my whole head and their were not anymore.

I’m pretty stressed with school – could that be it?

My hair is like the one thing I like about myself – I love my hair and I don’t want it to turn grey hair or white.

What could have caused this?

How can I prevent it and could it happen again?

I also straighten my hair every weekday – could that be the problem?

BTW, I have dark brown hair if thats important at all

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  1. Kathryn C says:

    well its nice to know there is someone like me.. im 16 as well, i have actually had white hairs since i can remember, it doesnt worry me much anymore since all my friends basically know and i onyl get them when im really stressed at school or something major is coming up. The thing i found was that when i pulled them out more would come back in the same place, i think ur case would probably mainly be stress, i dont think it has anything to do with straightening though so dont worry, alothough u shouldnt be straightening ur hair every weekday!!!!

    you wont have any hair left by the time ur 20 if you keep that up!

    dont worry and try to stress less and if you continually still get them then maybe visit your local doctor or mention it next time you have a check up.

    dont worry too much

  2. DJ Pazze says:

    Thats nothing to be worried about. =]

  3. Cody. says:

    Straightning your hair can’t cause it to turn gray, but Stress can, if you are under alot of it.

    Stress is a cause of gray hair, but then again, it could just be gray hair.

    My mom got a full head of gray hair when she turned 18. I got my first gray hair when I was 16 like you, but I haven’t gotten any really. I get maybe 2 every year and I’m 18.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  4. Janery says:

    Your young you have white hairs for the reason you mentioned,your stressed… Stress causes people to get white hair sometimes and its no big deal they will go away just dont pull them out because more in its place. Dont worry your hair wont turn grey completley…Dont get anymore stressed because more will come.

  5. bloo b says:

    dude its probably from stress or pre mature grey hair so don’t worry your not turning old everyone gets that and its not from straghting ur hair.so chill and its only a few everyone gets them guys and girls.