What Happens When Gray Hair Is Plucked

For hundreds of years, there have been many different theories about what happens when gray hair is plucked. Some answers to the question have been handed down through the generations and are considered by many to be ‘old wives tales’.

However, many men and women have tried to pluck out their grey hairs and speak from their personal experience about what happened afterwards.

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The official view seems to be that if you remove one gray hair by plucking it, you will then grow one gray hair in its place. Although, for anyone wanting to give it a go, you should be warned that some people have said that their hair took quite a while to grow back anyway.

So the dilemma is that if you give it a try and pluck out a lot of gray hairs which you find unsightly, are you then left with thinning hair or even bald patches?

If you are older in years a temporary bald patch may not seem so important, but as you will see below, premature grey hair affects young people too.

Opinions differ, but what do you think? We welcome you to leave your opinion or comments at the bottom of the page.

itsasecret asked:

I am 22 years old and I already have a few gray hairs.

Has anyone ever heard that if you pluck a strand of gray hair, you will get more grey hair?

I’ve heard that stress is one of the causes of gray hair and that it is hereditary, but can plucking them increase them?

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17 Responses to “What Happens When Gray Hair Is Plucked”

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  1. missbrandiboo says:

    yes if you pluck one, three more will grow back in its place..

  2. girlie [?] says:

    you can pluck how ever many you want, and you won’t get ‘more’ grey hair, another one will just grow back in the place where you plucked one

  3. zzum says:

    i think it means you have one less of the gray hairs. Don’t belive in old wives tales.

  4. sarabmw says:

    I wish! (As does practically every other individual on the planet with both thinning hair and graying hair.) If this were the case, many people would be plucking hairs constantly to encourage thicker fuller heads of hair.

    Grey hair, is known as canities, and is caused by the cessation of pigment production in the hair follicle. The hair loses its melanin and becomes translucent, and appears either silver or white. The development of gray hair seems to be genetically programmed, and can be affected by stresses to the body, such as illness, poor diet, and prolonged mental and emotional strain. Some medications can even cause gray hair to develop.

    But no, the idea of plucking a gray hair causing two to grow in its place is simply an Old Wives’ Tale. The tale probably came about from people who were going gray plucking those initial few hairs they spotted, and coincidentally seeing a dramatic increase in the number of gray hairs forming on their head.

  5. Snidely says:

    If you pluck gray hairs or don’t pluck gray hairs you will still get more. It’s an ole wives tale about more growing back because of the plucking. Think about it. If you got some you will continue to get some plucking or not! Mostly it is hereditary and like pattern baldness (heaven forbid for us girls) there is nothing you can do about NOT getting them.

  6. LTD says:

    An old wives tale is that three more will grow back…simply NOT true (it it were, would there be ANY bald men???LOL!!!)…most likely, if you didn’t damage the root of the hair, it will eventually grow right back…..

  7. tzstylin says:

    you pluck one. by the time that one is growing back, you have another turning gray. that’s how you get 2 growing back in it’s place.

    think about it. does your gramma have twice as much hair as she used to? no. she probably has less hair than then, because we women tend to go thin in the hair and thick in the hips.

  8. Sucre says:

    nthing. i plucked my mom’s gray hairs often

  9. Robin B says:

    If you pluck enough you will go bald…
    Seriously, if you pluck grey hairs, you’ll have one less hair, that’s all

  10. LiL_tOzA!~!!! says:

    noo, plucking hair do not increase the grey hairs it is an old wives tale as only 1 strand of hair can grow through 1 root. i am not sure if stress does cause grey hairs but either way stress isnt good and i dont think it is hereditary

  11. worldofaiur says:

    I remember my first strand of gray hair at the age of 19, it was a very stressful year, but I’m not sure it contributed to my graying. I remember plucking it, now 3 years later I have gray hair everywhere, not like Richard Gere gray, but yeah.

  12. creeree77 says:

    Well if the top part of the strand is your regular color, once you pluck it out the strand will grow back but it will be all gray. If you leave it in, you will have some time before the whole strand turns gray. And if you are dead set on not having any gray, tell your stylist, they will be more than happy to add a little color.

  13. michaela_871965 says:

    This is an old wifes tale it can be hereditary you can always use gray hair dye if you want to cover them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Depends on what kind of hair you’re plucking. If it’s the hair on your head, then don’t do it. Because if you pluck your head-hair it doesn’t grow back like bodyhair. You will only go bald once you pluck your head hair. Trust me, I’ve seen this.

  15. Another girl says:

    Well I plucked a couple of hair from the front of my head about 3 years ago and within weeks, I had at least three to four more in their place.

    I thought it was an old husbands’ tale but I am 100% certain that plucking the greys made them proliferate for me as it only affected the hair that I plucked. Elsewhere this wasn’t the case.

    Maybe it’s different for various people but for me, it was a bad move. I say don’t pluck if at all avoidable.

  16. Sam says:

    I guess it is hereditary when you already have gray hair when you are still young. I have a a classmate, she’s still 19 years old, but you can clearly see gray hair all over her head. I also believe that stress could be a cause too having gray hair.

    • Hi Sam.

      Stress does indeed tend to be a contributing factor to grey hair. Thankfully the GetAwayGrey Super Vitamin can come to rescue, especially for those affected by gray hair from a very young age.

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