Is There A Hair Dye That Just Dyes The Gray Hairs

When you love your natural hair color but are starting to get gray hairs you may well ask your hairdresser is there a hair dye that just dyes the gray hairs. You don’t want to change your original color, but you want to cover the gray.

Well, most hairdressers will tell you that although many products say that they only cover the gray hairs, you might find that your natural hair color is dyed too.

If you look at the limited color choices available, especially in the men’s hair dye products, you will notice you may have a choice of light brown, dark brown, and black. It seems that it would be pretty difficult to tell if the product had only covered the grey.

You could experiment by buying such a product and following the procedure for a strand test. However, the problem is that as you are meant to choose the dye color that is closest to your own it may still be difficult to tell if only the gray hair changed its color.

There are also products that are said to lessen the gray hairs. In other words they don’t actually eliminate gray hairs they just hide some of them. Again, this is quite difficult to determine exactly how much of the gray has gone, as you cannot exactly count each strand of hair.

Iluvmypets below wants to know how to cover gray hair only; and perhaps the best solution for her, and others like her, is to try a one of the natural remedies for gray hair that don’t use hair dye to do their job.

iluvmypets asked:

I have seen commercials for hair dye for men that says it just covers the gray hair, but I have not seen any women’s dye that says that on it.

I don’t want to change my hair color; I only want the gray colored.

Is there anything like that?

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  1. Genesis 5:1 says:

    Try henna.Henna does not colour the hair that much and dyes the grey hair.Plus its natural.

  2. Ariana S says:

    They have hair dyes for women to cover gray, but I think it colors all of the hair as well. My mom has gray mainly around the temples and she uses (and loves) what’s called hair mascara. It comes in a tube and you apply it with a wand. She got hers at a beauty supply store and they had a nice selection of colors. The only problem with this is that it’s not a permanent solution. You would need to apply it daily.

  3. mandm68 says:

    Gray hair is more resistant to hair color, and i know of none that will just color the gray. Henna is okay if you don’t have clorinated water, or go into swimming pools as it will turn green or purple with the chemical reaction. The comercials don’t tell you it coats the hair, not just the grey. It builds up and does exactly what i told you henna will when exposed to chlorine. A temporary hair color does a good job, and covers all the hair. The bonus is it will give shine, and make the other hair more lusterious also. It will generally wash out in two to three weeks. There are a lot more products on the market every day, I use to do hair for a living, and to keep up with all the new products is almost impossible. There are plenty that will help you though. Someone else may have a newer idea. Good Luck!

  4. toonces the driving cat says:

    color will take to all of your hair. the male color products you are referring to still color all of the hair…they are semi-permanent colors though. Men use a color that is lighter than their natural to blend away the gray.

    If you want the most gentle color to fade the grey a bit, then choose a semi-perm color that is lighter than your natural…that way the grey will be dimmed, but you natural color won’t be changed. It will gradually fade up so that you don’t have a harsh root regrowth line. If you have a lot of resistant grey, it might not be strong enough to totally cover the gray…but it is the safest way to blur the gray away.

  5. latinguy1970 says:

    The color they advertise for men is more gray blending that gray coverage.
    You can use the same thing, if you’re not going to go to a salon, on your hair. IF YOU DO, make sure you get the same color as your natural color or a shade darker. IT WILL FADE eventually. The benefit is you’re not using a harsh peroxide and you won’t have a line of color once your hair starts growing in.

    Hope this helps.
    Feel free to ask any other questions:

    BTW, if you do go to a salon, you can tell them you only want to blend the gray. They should know what that means. I would actually recommend you do that first before doing it at home. It might cost you a bit, but its cheaper than having it fixed.