Should I Be Pulling Out My Gray Hairs

milette b asked:

There are a few gray hairs that I am starting to notice and I asked my aunt to pull them out.

I have read online that doing this can cause your gray hair to get worse.

Could anyone tell me if this is the case or not as I would hate to be making it worse.

I can’t see how this would be the case but I need some scientific facts that prove this is the case.

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  1. xxArisu says:

    Yes this is true. My mom pulled her’s out and she had more and more.

  2. Shannan D says:

    I’ve heard more often than not that it’s a bad idea and it sprouts more gray hairs. That could be an urban myth though. I wouldn’t take any chances though.

  3. mooberry62 says:

    dont do it as it grows back with even more gray.
    just cut them real short

  4. Angel S says:

    I am a cosmetolgist. I would say that’s an old wives tale. It’ll take a while to grow back that’s about it. However u may be better off to use a temporary color if its just a few or see a hairdresser about getting a few highlights in the areas of gray.

  5. trykindness says:

    Its not true at all but my concern is why do you pull them out? Its got to hurt and your hair will thin out. If I were you just color your hair, it is the fashion anyway.

  6. Quite New Here says:

    It depends.

    How old are you/
    It will take 120 days for a plucked hair to grow back. If you are older, it will take longer

    How many grey hairs do you have vs regular hair.

    Try coloring them instead. It will make your hair look more sophisticated anyway.

  7. harpy says:

    It won’t lead to more grey hair! You’re born with all the follicles you’ll ever have–plucking hairs won’t create new ones and it won’t cause the white ones to “spread”.