How To Stop Gray Hair

Do you want to know how to stop gray hair?

You are not alone.

Millions of people go gray every year, particularly these days with the baby boomers hitting their fifties. The fact is, the prevention of grey hair can be fairly easy to achieve. It just takes some research, perseverance and patience.

The remedy for stopping your gray hair depends on the cause of your grays. If the gray hair cause is a vitamin B deficiency, for example, stopping gray hair may be as simple as supplementing your diet with B vitamins.

On the other hand, if your gray hair is due to a genetic predisposition for it, the grays may be more difficult to stop. However, even in this case, it is not impossible to stop the hair from turning gray.

If you have a family history of gray hair, it is possible that you are really genetically predisposed to a vitamin B malabsorption. Does this mean that you are doomed to have gray hair? Not necessarily. In fact, it could still be stopped.

Do not ask yourself “Why can’t I stop my gray hair?” Rather, ask yourself: “Why am I not absorbing nutrients properly?”

The answer may lie in the lifestyle choices that you have made over time. Your gray hair may just be a symptom of unhealthy habits such as smoking, and eating too many processed foods. The result is seemingly unstoppable gray hair, although these days you can reverse grey hair. Superficial solutions won’t last though. Dyed hair grows back.

A long-term commitment to optimal health is your best bet for stopping gray hair. Once your habits improve and your body is able to efficiently use the nutrients that you are feeding it, the gray hair should stop. At the very least, your hair and overall appearance will be younger and more radiant.

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