Is There A Way To Color Your Hair Without Ruining It

hey_rules asked:

I have had many mishaps over the last few years with my visits to Salons in which they over processed my hair causing it to be brittle and dry.

I’m constantly conditioning it to get it back to normal.

But, now I have the added problem of gray hair. I hate it, and want to come up with a home remedy that will not damage my hair, but keep it light enough to be called a blonde still. My natural hair color is a level 7 if that helps.

Does anyone have any recommendations for coloring hair?

Is low ammonia or low peroxide okay? Still afraid of the peroxide stuff, so if someone can explain that to me, that would be great!

By home remedies, I mean products available at the store I can by.



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  1. Tom K says:

    How about trying old fashioned Henna. It comes in a variety of colors. Its inexpensive. Easy to find at a beauty supply store. And best of all, its really good for your hair. I sometimes use neutral (no color) henna just to deep condition my hair. Makes it soft and shiny.

  2. becky says:

    semi permanent hair color usually has no ammonia or peroxide and is generally a good way to blend your color without opening the cuticle layer of your hair and causing more damage. Thay can also add a clear pigment to your semi color to add shine! But Please consult your stylist and dont try this at home. And if your stylist is the problem find a new one by all means. We dont all suck!