How Can I Get Rid Of My Gray Hair Naturally

Everybody wants to get rid of the gray hair and there is no better way to get rid of them than doing it with the use of natural products. Thus you find a lot of people asking how can I get rid of my gray hair naturally.

The answer varies; you can use every day items to make home remedies which some people have tried in the past. Results are a matter of opinion, where some people swear by these natural treatments for grey hair others say they don’t work.

Using natural products like goose berries and also mango seeds can solve the purpose. All you need to do is to make a paste of these two products and then apply it on the scalp. Leave it there for about two hours and then wash it away. It will definitely help in reducing the gray hair for you.

Applying a mixture of curd and pepper also helps. Curd is known to reduce the amount of dandruff and pepper gives the hair black color which ensures reduction of gray hair. Thus you need to apply the paste and keep it for an hour and then wash it away.

One of the most celebrated ways for how to get rid of grey hair naturally is the vitamin style pill. The pill is taken regularly and it was developed after research showed that certain ingredients had an effect on the graying process.

Baseballfan (see below) is just one of a growing number who want a safe alternative to hair dye.

baseballfan asked:
Please help!!!

I dont want to dye my hair, i just want to know how to get rid of my grey hair naturally and reverse my grey hair.

Thanks for all of your help!

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  1. rhsaunders says:

    You can’t.

  2. Chloee . says:


  3. Ragazza319 says:

    There really is no way to get rid of gray hairs without dying. However, there are ways to dye hair that dont require use of harsh chemicals. For instance, if you have red hair, henna shampoo will really help. Color glazes (sold everywhere from walgreens to ulta to online boutiques) will also help with grays and add shine, not frizz. good luck!

  4. Therese Marie says:

    Yea, that is the part about aging gracefully, you can’t fight it LOL
    I just dye mine, easy and looks great. My mom is 74 and I have never seen a gray hair on her head,she still is dying it. :)

  5. 09 sista says:

    i’m not sure about that.

    but i suggest you try to color your hair with henna. it beats dying your hair.

    henna does not have those chemicals and most people who are irritated by dyes work well with henna..

  6. TaDa says:

    There are some very mild hair colorings on the market. The solution won’t be on your head that long to hurt you. My grandma
    colored her gray hair for twenty years with no problems, well OK, so sometimes it turned purple, but! You should be more afraid to try putting various chemical solutions on your head that you might be allergic to, VERY allergic! I once tried food coloring on my hair, it immediately made me so dizzy I could not stand up!! Just go to Sally’s and ask them which is best for you.

  7. S R says:

    To check graying of hair, mix lemon juice in olive oil, beat till frothy and apply on scalp and wash off after an hour. Premature graying of hair can be postponed by using a strong decotion of black tea and a tablespoon of salt, strain and apply to the roots for 45 minutes and wash with water. Don’t shampoo. Check out for more info on gray hair.