Does Hair Turn Gray From The Root Or The Tip

The appearance of a few gray hairs is not something many people are worried about, although it matters more when you are still relatively young.

As soon as these few gray hairs begin to appear people tend to look more closely at what is happening, and will then want to know how to stop grey hair from growing.

One question that was asked by rpgeek below, is often asked. The question is whether hair turns gray from the root or the tip.

Hair does turn gray from the root as this where the process takes place that helps hair to retain its color.

Deep inside the roots of each hair follicle can be found cells known as melanocytes. It is these that of course help our hair to retain its color.

Unfortunately as we get older the body isn’t capable of producing as many of these cells as before. As a result of this the color begins to be lost and the hair starts to turn transparent and makes it look gray, silver or white.

Unless you suffer from premature graying, you will probably not need to deal with the prevention of grey hair or search for a grey hair cure, until you reach your thirties or forties. However, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from premature graying there are solutions available.

rpgeek asked:

When i was showering this morning i saw a strand of my hair that is half black (my natural colour) and half gray.

The one nearer to the root is black.

I have many strands of gray hair.

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  1. kara says:

    it grays from the root,hair doesn’t grow from the bottom!

  2. XxHowManyMilesxX says:

    Gray hair starts from the root. A strand of hair does not turn gray all of a sudden, it grows in that way.

    If your hair is black black you should try using henna (assuming you want to get rid of it)


  3. Bridget M says:

    As a person who is constantly coloring my hair to cover the gray, I can tell you that in my experience the hair is always gray coming out of the folicle. I actually pluck out my grays with a tweezer and can guarantee that the gray part is at the root. The hair outside the head is the normal (or colored) hair and new growth, if it is destined to be gray, will come out of your head gray. I find it unbelieveable that it could be the other way around in your case, meaning dark at the root and gray on the end.

  4. bandit_60 says:

    they start at the roots.

  5. Jay says:

    I have the same problem. My hair is black and it is going gray from the tip. The root is still black.