Grey Hair Treatments

There are several methods of grey hair treatments, with effects ranging from subtle to stunning. You can find the look that’s right for you, depending on how you feel about treating your grey hair and on the effect you wish to achieve.

So, you just want to add a little “life” into your dull grey? The subtlest form of hair treatment can be the use of a mild henna shampoo, or a semi-permanent stain. The best part about henna is that the hair receives a conditioning treatment, ideal for grey hair which tends to lack nutrients and have a course texture.

If you are going after a much more drastic hair change, permanent treatments are the way to go. This is probably the best choice for those who have more than twenty percent grey hair. Stylists and colorists actually prefer permanent coloring gray hair treatments. When selected and applied properly, these dyes can provide complete coverage and consistent color results. Grey hair literally vanishes.

The procedure for treating grey hair with a permanent dye involves the use of peroxide and ammonia. These chemicals will open the hair cuticle, at which time the colorist will add the selected tint. Low-maintenance women beware; you absolutely must return to the salon every four to six weeks for touch-up treatments. Otherwise, the grey hair re-growth will be all-too-obvious… a major faux pas.

Don’t delay with covering gray hair! Get over to your favorite hair salon and treat yourself to that new look you have been dreaming of.

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  1. arun says:

    my name is arun i had my first gey hair when i was 15
    then i started colouring now i am 23 and more than 80%
    of my hair is gray now
    can u help plz

  2. The No Gray Hair Team says:

    Hi, Arun

    A lot of people these days seem to get gray hair at a young age.

    Please read through all the advice on this site – there is a lot of very useful information here.

    But our best advice would be to try out the GetAwayGrey vitamins – there is a 90 day money back guarantee so you can’t go wrong.

    Let us know how you get on.

    The No Gray Hair Team