A Remedy For Gray Hair

There are many gray hair remedies on the market when you want to reverse gray hair, and it’s just a question of what is best for you.

But firstly, what causes grey hair?

The causes of gray hair can be put down to these 3 main points:

• Heredity: If there is a history of family members going gray then you may find you will follow and go Gray as well.

• Smoking can cause your hair to go gray.

• Lack of B12 and Omega 3’s in your diet.

If you are just starting to show signs of gray and you are able to control any of the above then do it as it will greatly reduce the possibility of your hair going more gray.

Some people will have been going gray over the years and are keen to find a way to reverse grey hair or just reduce the appearance it. There are many hair color products on the market, too many to mention here but a quick start would be to look at a couple of products that are popular.

  • GetAwayGrey is a vitamin pill based product that stops and reverses the gray.
  • Emu Shampoo which also over time will restore the color of your hair. The Omega3 and Emu oil are the main ingredients that kickstart this process.

The products on the market for covering gray hair nowdays are becoming more and more advanced, especially for men where the available colors look more natural and the color lasts longer allowing for more washes before a touch up is required.

Salons offer touch up services for men but you can now buy home kits that are the same ones used in the salons.

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